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The inaugural edition of the Asia Ingredients Conference
(AIC) is a pivotal movement in the region—an interactive
and educational conference that provides a unique
opportunity to meet and network with industry
professionals who are equally passionate about
Food Safety.

Food Safety is a core concern in Asia. With an estimated
600 million cases of foodborne illnesses reported
annually, unsafe food is a threat to human health and
economies, and AIC starts a conversation to correct this
error in the food chain.

Held alongside Fi Asia in Bangkok, Thailand, the
conference features a full-day programme dedicated
to exploring food safety trends as well as marketing and
technology developments in the region. Further, panel
sessions highlight the challenges that drive today’s F&B
sector and propose advanced business management
solutions to help manufacturers combat traceability and
quality issues, so that food safety issues can be mitigated.

Keywords: Blockchain, Labelling Requirements,
Crisis Recall Procedures, Regional Trends,

Every year, APFI co-hosts events and conferences in
Singapore and in the Asia Pacific region, one of which is
the Asia Drink Conference held at ProPak Asia in June.
Event sponsors are given the opportunity to network with
hundreds of industry professionals specialising in the drink
and packaging industries.

The Asia Drink Conference is a premium event catered
to senior managers and management of the beverage
manufacturing industry. Over the past seven years, it has

seen an attendance of over 100 participants from Asia for
each edition, and the coming 8th edition is expected to be
as successful.

The conference will therefore provide a unique and
valuable platform for knowledge transfer, promotional
opportunities and networking with executives from
top drink manufacturers such as Coca-Cola, Tipco,
ThaiNamthip, Green Spot, San Miguel, F&N, Dole,
Sermsuk, and many others.


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